Interview: Jane den Hollander on Deakin Uni’s role in the transformation of Geelong

 August 27, 2015 

“We’re contributing by first of all producing people with relevant employability skills for this next generation and for thinking about some of the industries for the future…So that’s our contribution: educating the next generation and doing the research that matters to the community we serve…” Watch the AARNet interview with Professor Jane den Hollander, Vice... View Article

Our people: meet Brett Rosolen, Data Program Manager, eResearch

 August 26, 2015 

Tell us about your career before AARNet? One of my very first jobs was installing the first network cabling through the Faculty of Engineering at Sydney University during semester holidays in 1989. To be honest, it was pretty filthy low level work, crawling through the roofs, crevices and bowels of some pretty old buildings, but... View Article

AARNet convenes Data Movement stream for eResearch Australasia 2015

 August 26, 2015 

Recent investment in eResearch infrastructure in Australia has delivered a world-class toolset into the hands of researchers for data creation, movement, processing and storage. Massive multi-Petabyte data stores house significant data collections of national importance and peak high performance computing capability has scaled in response to the demand for big data analysis. With the next... View Article

CloudStor is a great tool for researchers – here’s why:

 August 25, 2015 

We’re pleased to report that the number of researchers and others in the Higher Education community using CloudStor to send and receive files climbed past the 20,000 mark last week. AARNet developed CloudStor to address researchers’ frustration with the slow transfer rates they experienced when sharing very large files. Now, with CloudStor, that frustration is history. CloudStor... View Article

AARNet is a critical enabler for UNE SMART Farm technology testbed

 August 25, 2015 

There’s a lot of high-tech activity going on at the University of New England’s (UNE) Kirby SMART Farm near Armidale NSW these days but much of the action is invisible to the naked eye. Talk to UNE Professor David Lamb and you’ll learn that Kirby is run by the University as a working property and... View Article


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