InfiniBand experiments show extraordinary improvements in data transfer rates for researchers

 November 21, 2014 

AARNet has been supporting the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)’s collaboration with A*Star in Singapore for the development of high performance clouds for bioinfomatics. This collaboration, has been looking at long distance InfiniBand as a way of potentially linking A*Star’s data centres in Singapore. At the International Supercomputing Conference in July, NCI recognised the potential of Obsidian’s... View Article

AARNet and National Museum of Australia join forces to grow virtual tour program

 November 20, 2014 

AARNet and the National Museum of Australia (NMA) today announced a new partnership to develop and extend the reach of the Museum Robot program. The partnership will make the NMA’s unique immersive virtual tours available to AARNet-connected schools as well as teacher training programs across Australia. AARNet CEO Chris Hancock says today’s students love technology and integrating technology... View Article

Translating research success into economic boost

 November 4, 2014 

The Australian Government has released a discussion paper – Boosting the Commercial Returns from Research – and is seeking feedback from the research community and industry on the development of a national strategy to improve links between universities and industry in order to capitalise on Australia’s research strengths The discussion paper forms part of the government’s... View Article

Our people: meet Angus Griffin, Manager Business Development

 October 29, 2014 

Tell us about your career before AARNet? Before AARNet I spent the best part of a decade working in the Western Australian higher education sector.  This part of my career spanned all manner of technical and technology management pursuits, including programming, systems administration, desktop management, storage, data centres, telecommunications/networking and voice. What does your role... View Article

CloudStor+: tweaking a Sync&Share platform for research needs

 October 29, 2014 

At the eResearch Australasia conference in Melbourne yesterday, AARNet’s David Jericho presented a work-in-progress update for our CloudStor+ storage solution for researchers. BACKGROUND In 2012, AARNet embarked on the CloudStor+ project, to build a cloud based file synchronisation and sharing (“sync&share”) system using solely open source components. 18 months on, the deployment team is now... View Article


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