CloudStor makes Synchroton data transfers easy for researchers

 July 21, 2016 

CloudStor user story: sharing large imaging datasets CSIRO Scientific Software Engineer Darren Thompson works across a number of areas in the Synchrotron sciences, developing software for high-speed X-ray imaging and computed tomography (CT) reconstruction on Synchrotron datasets using high performance computing (HPC) systems. Datasets from Synchrotron experiments can be in the order of 10’s to 100’s of gigabits.... View Article

Data movement: do you know what your campus network is actually capable of?

 July 15, 2016 

AARNet is purpose-built for research but there’s more to large data transfer than the size of your pipe. Brett Rosolen, AARNet’s eResearch Data Program Manager talked about the Big Data Flow problem at QUESTnet2016 and explained how Science DMZ can help. Here are the key points from his presentation: To address the increasing demand for... View Article

CERN’s new data services for science and collaborations with AARNet

 July 7, 2016 

High-performing data services are at the heart of research activities at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research). CERN data services support a worldwide community of more than 10,000 researchers and engineers exploring the fundamental structure of the universe using complex scientific instruments, such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most... View Article

Zoom uptake soars at Western Sydney University

 June 17, 2016 

At the end of February 2015, following a successful two-month trial, Western Sydney University (WSU) signed up for a Zoom site license via the AARNet Plus program. At that time there were 30 registered Zoom users at WSU, and now, a little over a year later, that number has climbed above 3,000 and usage by... View Article

CEO’s Report June 2016

 June 16, 2016 

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the year. The AARNet team has been actively engaging with the research and education community to ensure that we provide the infrastructure to support collaboration nationally and internationally into the future. We are firmly focused on meeting the changing needs of Australia’s universities and research organisations and our other customers, including... View Article


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