AARNet announces stellar panel for 2016 Digital Humanities Australasia Conference

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Digital Humanities Australasia Conference 2016

AARNet has convened a distinguished panel of cultural sector luminaries who will discuss the challenges and transformative implications of digitising collections at the 2016 Digital Humanities Australasia Conference. The conference is being held from 20-23 June in Hobart, Tasmania, and the panel discussion will take place on 23 June, 10.30am -12pm.

Significant cultural collections are being digitised at a rapid rate. This is creating vast data repositories for analysis, and subsequently increasing the demand for data-intensive research practices such as high performance networking and computing, while also creating new spaces for researchers and audiences alike. While the data-intensive sciences have had many years to adapt to the needs of handling very large data sets, much of the cultural sector is experiencing a steep learning curve in their efforts take advantage of the built-for-purpose research infrastructure ecosystem.

The panel discussion will broadly address the impacts of digitisation and examine how research infrastructure can be leveraged to build data bridges between galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs) and digital humanities researchers in universities. The aim is to find ways to build capacity for digital humanities research and sustain the value of GLAM data repositories into the future.

AARNet will chair the discussion with panelists drawn from some of Australia’s major collecting institutions. The panelists are: Janet Carding Director, Tasmanian Museum and Gallery; Richard Neville, Mitchell Librarian and Director, Education and Scholarship, State Library of New South Wales; Dr. Ely Wallis Manager, research and Online Collections, Museum Victoria; Dr. Marie Louise Ayres, Assistant Director-General, National Collections Access, National Library of Australia; and Ingrid Mason, eResearch Analyst, Intersect Australia.

AARNet is Australia’s national research and education network (NREN) and is owned by 38 Australian universities and CSIRO.  AARNet also connects many of the major galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM) institutions to its ultra-high speed network.  This national research infrastructure facilitates collaboration by underpinning data exchange, analysis and storage. The NREN infrastructure provides connections to scientific instruments, advanced analytical tools, large scale computing systems and research data storage nodes across Australia and internationally.  AARNet provides services that support large transfers of research data and enable research and discovery.

Read more about the DHA2016 conference and register.


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