AARNet boosts transmission speeds to 400Gbps on Sydney to Canberra network

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Fibre optics

A technology upgrade for AARNet’s Sydney to Canberra inter-capital production network now delivers 400 gigabit per second (Gbps) data transmission speeds, making it one of the most efficient and fastest networks in Australia.

Using Cisco NCS 1004 transponders, the new 400Gbps wavelength is running across 350km of the AARNet Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical network. This new wavelength now carries AARNet’s 100Gbps backbone traffic, with three other 100Gbps services slated for meeting the increasing demand for capacity upgrades from AARNet’s data-hungry customers in the research and education sector.

Taking the approach of disaggregating transponders from the transmission network has allowed AARNet to run the same transponders across both its new terrestrial flex spectrum and original 15-year-old DWDM optical network.

AARNet has also deployed the same technology on its Indigo submarine cable system spectrum between Sydney, Perth and Singapore, and on its JGA South submarine cable system spectrum between Sydney and Guam.

Transmission speeds up to 300Gbps have been achieved across 4600km of the Indigo Central (Sydney to Perth) and Indigo West (Perth to Singapore) optical production network.

AARNet engineers continuously push the boundaries of optical fibre networking technologies to optimise the performance of the AARNet network and make efficient use of spectrum.


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