AARNet collaborates with Australian Youth Orchestra to trial online auditioning

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Australian Youth Orchestra Trials

As a national orchestra the Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) draws its musicians from all corners of metropolitan and regional Australia. In order to give those in remote areas the same opportunities as those in the cities, AYO collaborated with AARNet to trial online auditions for its applications process using high speed broadband. This is the first stage in what will become an exciting new phase for the organisation.

Each year the AYO holds national auditions for Australia’s finest young musicians on the cusp of becoming professional classical musicians. The auditions for these highly sought after positions traditionally rely on musicians attending live auditions Australia wide. This year however, online trials were conducted as part of AYO’s Digital Connection Initiative.

AARNet provided access to a NBN connection in Bruswick, Melbourne for the first round of AYO trials in June. The trials involved an AYO musician ‘auditioning’ in Armidale before a panel located in Brunswick with both parties connected to the National Broadband Network. These mock auditions allow the AYO to utilise the highest quality equipment in order to develop an online auditioning process.

For young musicians who live in regional and remote centres the need to travel can prove difficult, both logistically and financially. The ability to audition live changes the opportunity for many. Early trials will ensure that rigorous sound and technical standards are upheld and that each musician, no matter where they live in Australia, will have access to a fair audition process.

The AYO Digital Connection Initiative will also open an educational gateway. Developed in partnership with AYO’s Principal Sponsor, Accenture, the NBN will not only be utilised for online auditions, but also for masterclasses, and open rehearsals to extend and augment talent identification and national training programs. It will allow for greater capability and efficiency in streaming to multiple communities and schools through AYO Regional Residency programs.

This initiative will allow the AYO to expand its reach and practice as a national organization. The AYO launches its application process with a mission to find, inspire and nurture Australia’s most talented and aspiring young musicians.

Lucy Papworth, AYO’s Operations & Planning Manager said “For any young orchestral musician, being part of the internationally recognized Australian Youth Orchestra represents the epitome of achievement. AYO is grateful for the assistance provided by AARNet and hopes to work together again in the future as further trials are held across the country.”

AARNet is able to provide AARNet customers with NBN services. For more information, please contact Jamie Sunderland, Director, Product Solutions.

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