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AARNet convenes Data Movement stream for eResearch Australasia 2015

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Recent investment in eResearch infrastructure in Australia has delivered a world-class toolset into the hands of researchers for data creation, movement, processing and storage. Massive multi-Petabyte data stores house significant data collections of national importance and peak high performance computing capability has scaled in response to the demand for big data analysis. With the next generation of the research and education network it is now possible to move 1 Petabyte of data in a single day from one single resource to another.

But how do we leverage the investment in networks to take full advantage of this entire eResearch system that the Australian research community has at its fingertips?

AARNet hopes to significantly increase our community’s expectations for delivering large data volumes by convening a Data Movement Stream at the eResearch Conference on the afternoon of Tuesday 22 October.

A series of presentations by community champions who have “been there, done that” will take attendees on a data movement journey, featuring real-world use cases in delivering data to peak research capabilities. These contributors from a variety of disciplines have discovered the value in skills and tools that lead to the most efficient and effective way to handle data between collaborators, and have acknowledged that resources most useful for manipulating and storing such data could be anywhere on the planet.

Presentations include:

  • Dr Chris Phillips, ATNF, CSIRO: “Big Sky, Big Data – transporting digital data across the world”
  • Jon Smillie, NCI: “Production Petascale Climate Data Replication at the NCI”
  • Stephen Dart, VicNode: “Data at a Distance; Medium to Long Haul Data Delivery”
  • David Wilde, AARNet: “Science DMZ: Raising and Meeting Data Movement Expectations”
  • Richard Northem, RDS Project: “The RDS Moving Big Research Data Flagship”

The sessions will be followed by a panel discussion to consider our next steps in the journey toward “friction free” research data movement.

Who Should Attend

We are encouraging all our community to join us at the eResearch Conference and participate in this exciting initiative and especially ANYONE with the potential to handle large datasets, i.e.:

  • eResearch infrastructure providers
  • Campus eResearch support staff
  • Research project facilitators
  • Network Architects

Hope to see you there!

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