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AARNet to showcase new technologies and solutions at QUESTnet 2013

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AARNet workshops, talks, working lunches and demonstrations are all on the agenda for the QUESTnet2013 conference at the Gold Coast’s Royal Pines Resort, from 2 to 5 July. Australian Catholic University is the host this year and AARNet is proud to be a sponsor. We’ll also be announcing the winners of the inaugural AARNet Excellence Awards 2013 at the conference dinner on 4 July.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Clouds: In our way or enabling change?” The sub theme is “Adopting and Adapting to a new paradigm for supporting Research and Education”.

Latest network infrastructure developments and communication solutions are the focus of a series of workshops and talks presented by AARNet staff. Delegates can also test drive our new streaming and unified communications solutions in the AARNet display area.

We look forward to seeing you at QUEstnet2013.

AARNet Workshops and Talks at QUESTnet2013

Tuesday 2 July 2013 – Full Day Workshops – 9am to 5pm
IPv6 Workshop

Glen Turner, Regional Network Manager SA & Warrick Mitchell, Network Engineer

Gain knowledge and hands-on experience in configuring a campus network equipment for deployment of IPv6 atop an existing IPv4 network. Discuss the technology, addressing plans, naming, firewalls, and deployment planning. Configure a sample network. Prerequisites: basic understanding of IPv4 networking, routing and DNS; familiarity with configuring a router command line from the command line.
Optical Networking Tutorial

Tim Rayner, AARNet Optical Engineer

This full day workshop will look at the various optical fibre technologies that AARNet uses to deliver services to the R&E community. We will cover singlemode fibre, connectors, optical modules and CWDM and DWDM concepts.

We will look at examples of these technologies, and gain some practical experience with fibre cleaners, power meters, using an OTDR, and looking at the optical modules and technologies used to deliver services at 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps.

The workshop should suit R&E networking staff seeking to improve their understanding of these technologies that are key to AARNet’s service delivery, and to enhance their ability to trouble-shoot optical fibre networks.

Wednesday 3 July 2013
11.25am-11.55pm   AARNet’s Annual State of the Nation address

Jamie Sunderland  Director,  Product Solutions

This session will provide a general update on AARNet’s current and future Services including Network Services, Cloud Services and tools to support Research.

12.00pm – 2.30pm Creating a Research Cloud with Things You Already Have in Your Kitchen

Angus Griffin, Manager, Business Development

With the introduction of many cheap or free online file storage and sharing platforms, primarily based in the U.S., NRENs worldwide are looking to provide differentiated online file storage products to add value to their existing network offerings.  Under the auspices of other European NRENs such as SURFnet and indeed in Australia, at AARNet, a hybrid approach is emerging.  AARNet and SURFnet are developing systems based on the open source ownCloud platform. Read More

13.45pm-14.15pm    AARNet and the Australian Health Sector

Mike Rebbechi, Consultant e-health liaison, Business Development
This presentation provides an overview of the state of connectivity between AARNet and various health campuses around Australia. It includes national coverage of the sector wide activities aimed at improving network interactions between the health and education sectors.


Thursday 4 July 2013

12.00pm–12.30pm  How do AARNet’s NBN Services work?

Warwick Mitchell, Network Engineer
A technical presentation of how AARNet’s NBN services work, covering Fibre, Wireless,  Satellite, Multicast and IPv6, PPPoE vs IPoE

17.10pm–18.00 pm   Birds of a Feather (BoF) Session 3 – Eduroam AU

Neil Witheridge, Technical Services Manager, Authentication & Authorisation
In March 2011, AARNet transitioned the eduroam AU service from ‘project’ status to being a production service under AARNet’s Operations Division. It’s high time for an eduroam BoF at QUESTnet so that eduroam administrators and interested parties can meet face-face and exchange information and perhaps promote a more active community of eduroam administrators.

Neil Witheridge, AARNet’s manager responsible for eduroam AU, will kick-off the BoF with a ~20 min presentation on the current state of eduroam AU. The remaining 40 minutes will be open discussion, or additional presentation on topics of interest. Read More

Friday 5 July 2013
9.00am  – 9.30am   AARNet4 Progress Update

David Wilde – Network Architect
Testing of 100G wavelengths on the existing DWDM transmission network has proved positive, and deployment is underway of new network segments supporting 100G services natively. At the IP layer, AARNet is in the process of replacing its national routed backbone with 100G-capable devices. And looking further afield, an upgrade program is underway to migrate AARNet’s international capacity to the USA via the Southern Cross Cable Network from 10Gbps to 40Gbps and ultimately 100Gbps.

This presentation will provide an insight into current progress on all of these fronts, highlighting the range of research and big science applications that this capacity will facilitate, as well as touching on the challenges specific to R&E networking in Australia.

9.35am  – 10.05am   Global Real-Time Communications exchange and the AARNet Unified Communications eXchange, What is it all about and where are we up to?

Bill Efthimiou, Unified Communications Engineer
The majority of Research and Education institutions have today deployed IP based Rich Media Communications, which may come in the form of, Telephony systems, traditional room based Video, Video Conferencing and/or high end TelePresence solutions. This is certainly the case within Australia, but is also the case in many other parts of the world and certainly within R&E. This talk is about detailing what AARNet is doing to facilitate cross-Institution Rich Media communications using disparate commercial and open source solutions. Read More

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