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AARNet’s range of products and solutions continues to expand

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Our partnerships with vendors through the AARNet+ Program are delivering positive outcomes for the sector, and we continue to reach out to providers willing to customise their products and services to meet the needs of our research and education community.

Zoom, Amcom, Box and CrashPlan

The uptake of Zoom video conferencing continues to go from strength to strength, with the first Zoom site licence in place with the University of Western Sydney for 25,000 licenses. The migration to Amcom unified communications services for University of Melbourne, the first customer to engage Amcom services through the AARNet+ program, was completed this month

We will soon move to unlimited storage with our Box cloud content collaboration offering and we have recently added Code42’s CrashPlan data protection to our list of services. CrashPlan endpoint backup empowers a single admin to easily support thousands of employees, while allowing non-technical users to quickly, easily access and restore data without IT intervention.

eduroam community continues to grow

eduroam, the global wireless roaming service providing users in the research and education communities with mobility between participating institutions’ wireless infrastructures, continues to be widely used by the Higher Education community. The eduroam Advisory Committee, a group established by AARNet in response to a call to explore wider deployment of the service, is continuing to review issues around provisioning eduroam in public spaces. The group is planning a pilot program to extend eduroam to K-12 schools in the near future.

New and improved CloudStor

We’ve made collaborating and sharing files and folders a lot easier by merging our two popular services, CloudStor (file sender) and Cloudstor+ (cloud storage), into one easy-to-use application. In response to user feedback, we’ve added new features, including cross-organisation sharing for research groups and collaborations. This CloudStor upgrade brings a new interface, improved performance, and group folders and quotas…READ MORE

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