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CEO’s Report June 2015

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Chris Hancock CEO AARNetChris Hancock CEO AARNet

I am pleased to advise that with negotiations finalised, the new AARNet Access Agreement has been sent to each shareholder institution. The Chair of the AARNet Board has also written to all Vice Chancellors to advise them of the negotiation outcomes and the progress of this agreement.

This is an exciting time for AARNet. We remain firmly focused on meeting the future networking needs of researchers and the wider R&E community. Our work in the Pacific is developing, and closer to home we continue to see the successful uptake of services above the network layer. We are deepening our engagement with key cloud service providers and developing new offerings, such as the recently announced partnership between AARNet and AusCERT, which will bring new security services to the sector.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the fine contribution made by Rob Moffatt to the AARNet Advisory Committee (AAC). June 2015 was Rob’s last AAC meeting, and I know I can speak for all in thanking him for his contribution.

Traffic Growth and Network Availability

Growth in traffic for the year to date has been higher than past averages, reflecting the greater capabilities and capacity of AARNet4, as we move customers to the new network.  Notably, growth of On-Net traffic far exceeded growth of Off-Net traffic, reflecting the ongoing collaboration between institutions and the continued strong growth with content providers. Overall network availability also exceeded our target in the year to May.

Traffic Report-infographic-June 2015

Product Solutions

The Product Solutions area has seen some significant take-up activity in the first half of 2015. The University of Melbourne has now completely migrated their telephony to the Amcom hosted solution. Zoom continues to grow strongly with UWS and Monash moving their pilot Zoom services into full production this month. A project Agreement was recently signed with the Trans Eurasian Information Network (TEIN) to assist with establishing an eduroam service in Asia. CloudStor+ was upgraded and merged with the CloudStor file-sender program onto a common platform now simply known as CloudStor and the number of CloudStor users continues to grow by the day.

Infrastructure Development Projects

RDSI, Sunshine Backbone, Sydney Basin and other remaining National Research Network projects are complete or in their final stages. Over the first 5 months of 2015, AARNet connected several hospitals and TAFE sites in NSW and Victoria.

Cyber Security

With access to high-speed connectivity on-campus and cloud-based compute and storage, the issues around managing security and risk are significant for the Research and Education community. AARNet Enterprise Services and AusCERT announced a partnership in May 2015 to assist with addressing these issues. This partnership will build on AusCERT’s security analyst skills and AARNet’s infrastructure remediation skills to provide a new Security Analysis, Test and Remediation service. AARNet hosted a sold-out security workshop for the R&E community at the AusCERT 2015 conference in June.

Network Future Planning

Work is underway on a number of projects aimed at supporting researchers and research traffic. The deployment of the AARNet SDN Testbed has commenced. AARNet is collaborating with a consortium of researchers from 9 Universities and the CSIRO, awarded an ARC-LIEF grant which will fund an expansion of the testbed over the remainder of 2015 connecting to research labs at each of the participating institutions. AARNet is also continuing to develop the Science DMZ architecture, aimed at optimising the utilisation of institutions’ AARNet connections for big data transfers, while avoiding any negative impact on day-to-day traffic.

Enlighten Your Research

AARNet is participating in the Enlighten Your Research (EYR) program, where research and education (R&E) network organisations join forces to help accelerate international research collaborations through improved networking, data transfers, or engineering. Scientists from all countries submit research projects that could benefit from access to advanced networks and technology and consultation with expert engineers to help improve research workflows. The selected projects then receive customised network engineering support for a year.

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