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Dual Down Under 2015 robotics competition kicks off at Barker

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Building robots for FIRST Robotics competition

We’ve organised the live streaming for the 2015 Dual Down Under robotics competition, hosted by Barker College (an AARNet -connected school) from June 25 to 27. We’re proud to be supporting this great STEM inititative organised by Macquarie University as part the FIRST Robotics program.

The Duel Down Under (DDU) is an Australian off-season FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC®) event.  DDU is a three-day tournament with teams competing from Australia and China. The timing of this competition is specifically designed to suit Australian teams: although the official build season and tournament is January-April, the DDU fits into the Australian school year to allow teams to compete.

Teams bring robots up to 50kg and as tall as 2 meters to play in and against alliances of three teams per side in the game that is announced in January.  In between robot matches, teams are free to work on their robots in their pit areas, to repair, modify or upgrade their design. They also talk to judges who determine which teams should be awarded one of the available awards.

AARNet’s Angus Griffin, a volunteer student mentor for the FIRST Robotics competition, reports from DDU:

I’m amazed at the feats of engineering these kids have achieved on their own. They’ve retrofitted new systems onto their robots – they’ve done incredible things. It’s also fantastic to see so many more schools involved this year.”

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Find out how to get your school involved in the FIRST Robotics Competition

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