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Expanding R&E network access in the Pacific

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AARNet International network June 2015

We work closely with research and education communities in the Asia Pacific to expand connectivity to the global research and education network infrastructure, removing barriers of geographical distance and enabling new education opportunities.

With our shareholder institutions’ growth into Asia in mind, we have had considerable success in making services available to institutions in South Asian nations, and in expanding the national research and education Network (NREN) model into the region. This includes support for the establishment of the Trans Eurasia Information Network (TEIN), and work to support the establishment of eduroam in the region, both with the assistance of European Commission funding.

As Australian institutions continue to strengthen strategic ties with their counterparts in the Pacific, AARNet seeks to duplicate the success seen in Asia. AARNet already connects a number of institutions in the Pacific, including The University of South Pacific and schools in the region, leveraging the transit of its cables through the islands and local satellite services. This strategy will aim to grow relationships into the region in line with Australian institutions’ activities in the Pacific and Australian foreign aid goals. It is not without its difficulties, as the Pacific Ocean covers 30% of the Earth’s surface, an area almost 15 times the size of Europe. As we know, telecommunications challenges increase with distance, however improvements in technology will assist as we look to rise to these challenges.

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