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How to link the curriculum to the real world using videoconferencing

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“Linking students to the real world gives a lot more relevance to the study they’re doing in class…Teachers are working hard to get through the curriculum so anything you do has to work with the curriculum” – Naomi Manning

Watch the AARNews interview with Naomi Manning, IT Integrator at Abbotsleigh, an AARNet K-12 customer school and learn how video conferencing enriches the curriculum for students from the Early Learning Centre through Year 12.

Under the direction of Abbotsleigh’s IT Director Warwick Noble, the School’s IT Integrators such as Manning work with teachers and students in a number of ways, from providing technical support to all to teaching the technology component of some topics and sourcing video conferencing and other online opportunities to enhance the curriculum.

Interactive virtual excursions to Scott Base in the Antarctic, the Great Barrrier Reef and museums all over the world,  a virtual composer in residence program, language and cultural exchanges with students in China and France, workshops with experts in far flung organisations, such as veterinary scientists at the Roslin Institute in Scotland, are among the rich media experiences that link the curriculum and Abbotsleigh students to the real world.

K-12 schools around the country are connected to AARNet, as well as universities and research organisations, vocational training institutions and a broad array of digital content providers, including museums, cultural and scientific organisations, libraries, public archives and other educational resource specialists. Read more...

AARNet’s reliable high-speed Internet connectivity and services enables schools to deliver a high-quality experience for students.  AARNet-connected schools also benefit from access to the extended AARNet community of research and education organisations in Australia and globally and the programs and opportunities they offer schools.

Learn more about how to connect your school to the AARNet network


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