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Our people: meet David Wilde, Chief Technology Officer

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David Wilde, AARNet Network ArchitectTell us about your career before AARNet?

I began my career in computer networks at the University of New South Wales.  Then I worked in various technical and managerial roles for telecommunications operators and service providers across Australia and Europe, including several years in Brussels and Paris.  I was founder and CTO of a boutique Cisco Certified network integrator in France and have maintained my active CCIE certification since 2001.

What does your role at AARNet involve?

I joined AARNet’s Infrastructure Development Group in November 2010 based in Melbourne, and took over responsibility for Network Architecture during 2011. My primary focus was developing the new architecture and driving the rollout of the AARNet4 project, to upgrade AARNet’s transmission and IP networks to 100Gbps capabilities. I was made CTO in late 2015 and in early 2016 took on responsibility for the products and services that we run over our network.

I’m particularly interested in ensuring that AARNet rides at the forefront of technology, engaging with both vendors and other NRENs across the world, in order to better support the R&E activities and services required by AARNet’s customers.

When you’re not working for AARNet?

My wife Imelda and I spend much of our spare time ferrying our two children to various sporting, music, drama and French-language activities.  I ride a  motorcycle to the office, alternating between my Triumph and Ducati -although I sometimes regret having traded in my Harley Davidson.  Occasionally I manage to tear myself away from network architecture to attend karate training, having trained in the Uechi Ryu style for some years.

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