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Our people: meet James Horne, Technical Consultant – Networks, Enterprise Services

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James Horne, Technical ConsultantTell us about your career before AARNet?

Since graduating from Swinburne in 2004, I have worked in various networking-related roles for a range of organisations, including six years as a consultant for large Independent and Catholic secondary colleges. This work gave me a sound understanding of the sector and provided me with an opportunity to design and implement several large campus networks and develop my consulting skills more generally.  Several years ago, I also spent some time focusing on music and running a recording label with a friend. 

What does your role at AARNet involve?

I’m based in Melbourne and work in the Enterprise Services team. My role at AARNet is to provide technical consulting and implementation services to customers across a range of technology areas. For example, my current work consists of a campus wireless LAN (Local Area Network) and NAC (Network Access Control) implementation project, a border network design project, and a technical project management/design review role for a university-wide network refresh.

What excites you most about your work?

I enjoy learning and problem solving, and my main aim in the coming years is to broaden my exposure to various network technologies and designs, with a view to becoming a network architect further down the track. My work with AARNet is already helping me to achieve this aim by providing project opportunities that cover a wide range of complex networks, large and small!

When you’re not working for AARNet?

When I’m not at work, I’m typically chipping away at one of my (too) many hobbies. I’m a singer and have played guitar since I was seven years old, so music is a major part of my life with ~2.5 bands happening at any one time. I also design, build and sell audio effects electronics, read and write various things, play squash, learn German, make various fermented foods, and am a keen cyclist.

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