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Our people: meet Ian Wiltshire, CIO

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Ian Wilshire AARNet Senior Systems AdministratorTell us about your career before AARNet?

After a number of years working on interesting defence projects I found new fascination in the (then) cutting edge technology of videoconferencing. I achieved successful results at some very high profile events and as VC units reduced to pc size, my skills became more directed to the computers and underlying infrastructure that supported the service.

In the 10 years since I emigrated from England to Australia, I have worked for a number of companies in a variety of industries, from international enterprises to startups. This has made for an interesting decade.

What does your role at AARNet involve?

My role at AARNet is to enable my talented team of engineers to become an integrated, cohesive unit that outperforms expectations.  My teams’ role is to provide efficient, stable and highly available systems, services and applications, which enable the processes required by the organisation.  I support this goal by understanding the drivers behind requests and using this to prioritise accurately.

When you’re not working for AARNet?

I have a fairly busy life, studying, having fun with family and keeping fit by running and cycling.

When I stopped racing motorcycles, I needed something to fill the gap and the bike allows me to push my physical limits without the heavy financial burden. But, there’s always going to be a competitive need so I can see a couple of races on the horizon and maybe a triathlon if I can get my swimming up to par.

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