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Our people: meet Tao Ren, Unified Communications Engineer

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Tao-Ren AARNet Unified Communications Engineer

Tell us about your career before AARNet?

I began my career with Lucent Technologies and my skills in a broad range of communications technologies have evolved in step with the evolution of the global Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) ecosystem.  My roles have been varied, but mostly focused on providing technical support and introducing new products. I’ve particularly enjoyed the challenges of solving complicated issues for major telecommunication carriers, includingTelstra and NBNCo.

What does your role at AARNet involve?

I joined AARNet’s Product Solutions group in July 2013 as a Unified Communications Engineer.  I’m enjoying working  with the AARNet team and customers to manage the operation of unified communications (UC) infrastructure. I provide technical support for UC infrastructure and connect new institutions to the AARNet Unified Communications Exchange (AUCX), a platform that facilitates cross-institution rich media communications using disparate commercial and open source solutions.

I also manage AUCX integration with the global research and education network’s real-time communications (GRTC) infrastructure, a project led by AARNet to facilitate cross-institution rich media communications for the R&E sector on a global scale.

When you’re not working for AARNet?

My wife and I spend most of our spare time playing with our children, enjoying many activities, from sports such as soccer, tennis, badminton, swimming, and bicycle and scooter riding to music and movies. After they’ve all gone to bed, I like to read books and listen to music. I’m also interested in photography, but never seem to have enough time to spend on this, especially the post-production part.

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