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Pacific Island campuses connect to high-speed global research & education network

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Dignitaries at the Uni of the South Pacific Tonga Campus connection to AARNet launch

We work closely with Research and Education communities in the South Pacific to expand connectivity to the global research and education network infrastructure, removing barriers of geographical distance and enabling new education opportunities.

This year we assisted the The University of the South Pacific (USP) with connecting the Marshall Islands and Tonga campuses to the USP campus in Laucala, Fiji and to the global research and education network at 100 megabits per second.

Connectivity to the high-capacity fibre optic network means that students and faculty at the Tonga and Marshall Islands campuses can now use the Internet to access a much wider range—the entire world—of resources for teaching and learning.  Access to and the performance of video conferencing, learning management systems, and other collaboration technologies will also be vastly improved.

At the official launch of the USP Tonga connection, held on 15 July 2014, Prime Minister of Tonga, Lord Tu`ivakano said that students were one of Tonga’s most important resources and providing them with the best education possible was vital for the future of the country. Connectivity to the global research and education network marks the beginning of a new era of education opportunities for the people of Tonga.

AARNet is continuing to work with USP to expand connectivity to other South Pacific Island campuses as opportunities arise.



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