Research collaborations are the DNA of Marine Science, vital in support of a sustainable blue economy

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“Australia has to work very closely with all the other people who value their ocean territories and who study it. By leveraging each other we’re ramping up the pace of understanding oceans much more than if we were working alone,” – John Gunn, CEO of Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)

With 7-10% of Australia’s gross domestic product related to marine industries –  fishing, oil and gas, maritime trades, ports and tourism –  there’s no denying the importance of Marine Science research in support of a sustainable ‘blue economy’.

Watch the AARNet interview with John Gunn, CEO of AIMS and learn about the role Australian scientists are playing at the forefront of global Marine Science research, including developing tools such as the now-widely used Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)

AARNet networking infrastructure underpins research collaborations for AIMS, enabling scientists to share and analyse large volumes of data in real time locally and internationally.

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