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If you’re interested in learning about the latest developments in software defined networking (SDN), then the ANZ SDN alliance SDN DemoFest on Tuesday 5 April 2016 in Sydney is the place to be. If you’re familiar with SDN platforms, you can also participate in Australia’s first SDN Hackathon, but if you’re not and want to skill up and learn the basics about SDN, you can sign up for a training workshop on 6 April. This is a community-building event, providing an opportunity for current and potential users of SDN technology in Australia and New Zealand to meet, exchange knowledge and share experiences.

SDN DemoFest

Director of the Open Network Foundation, Dan Pitt, is visiting from the USA and is in the line up of speakers who will be discussing and demonstrating the latest SDN technologies, trends and applications.

Demonstrations will include:

  • CASTOR, an SDN-based exchange point by CSIRO Data61
  • L3 Interconnects using Software-Based Router by IIX
  • FAUCET, an SDN-based enterprise network by REANNZ
  • Zodiac, the world’s smallest SDN switch by Northbound Networks
  • SDN for the home network by NetworkSeer

CASTOR is an SDN-based exchange point developed on the AARNet SDN Testbed by CSIRO Data61. It  was one of the applications showcased at the Open Networking Summit held in California earlier this month alongside a demo of a large ground-breaking global SDN facility, consisting of both production and research networks and based entirely on OpenFlow, interconnecting research and education networks, universities, and research centres spanning five continents, including Australia.

The IIX team based in Brisbane will show how they have built a layer-3 interconnect using a software-based router that operates in the cloud. A team from New Zealand will demonstrate the FAUCET enterprise-controller built on Ryu, that has been deployed in many campuses around the world.

Northbound networks from Melbourne will demonstrate a 4-port OpenFlow switch that is both small and affordable for students and hobbyists to experiment with.

And lastly, NetworkSeer, a startup from UNSW, will demonstrate how SDN can be applied to the home network to provide users with device-level visibility and control.

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SDN Hackathon

An SDN hackathon is running concurrently with the DemoFest on 5 April, with coding starting on 4 April. The goal is to demonstrate that it is now possible for a motivated group of developers to build an interesting and useful SDN application in a single day. The focus of this Hackathon, sponsored by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), is to build small but useful SDN applications on any open source platform of choice (including ONOS, Floodlight, OpenDayLight, FAUCET, Ryu).

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SDN Training & Certification

This is a 1-day class that covers the basics of SDN. It is ideal for beginners seeking an overview of the concepts, definitions and open source initiatives in the SDN arena. The class structure is 70% lecture and 30% lab and is aimed at preparing participants for the ONF Associate level certification exam.

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