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AARNet is one of more than 120 national research and education networks, also known as NRENs, traversing our planet. This global “network of networks” provides ultra-high speed connectivity and tailor-made services that underpin scientific discovery, foster international collaborations and unlock access to education.

The In the Field blog is a global NREN collaboration to showcase fascinating stories from around the world about people and projects making a difference enabled by these powerful networks. Here’s an excerpt from a story posted about a Tornedo research project involving researchers connected Internet2, AARNet’s sister network in the United States.

Revealing the inner workings of a Tornedo

Supercomputers and high-speed data connections play a crucial role when researchers re-create tornadoes and thunderstorms to better understand the dynamics of these powerful natural phenomena. Leigh Orf from CIMSS, the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, leads a group of researchers specialised in re-creating meteorological events leading up to the forming of tornadoes. Built on real-world observational data, the computer simulations unveil the inner workings of these monstrous events in unprecedented detail. Watch the short video to learn more about the computer simulations.

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