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May 11, 2017

Seamless Wi-Fi for Queensland Health

Researchers, academics and students from across the globe are getting online at Queensland’s health centres and hospitals safe in the knowledge that their data is secure and without the need for guest passwords. This seamless access is thanks to the availability of eduroam, the secure global roaming wireless network for...


Dec 1, 2016

eduroam expansion helps boost research...

eduroam (education roaming) has now been deployed at institutions in a...

K-12 Schools / Services

Sep 15, 2016

eduroam for schools takes off across...

The eduroam in Australian Schools project, a...


Apr 7, 2016

Eduroam: unstoppable

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, worldwide roaming access developed for the international research and education community. And it seems unstoppable, expanding across countries and beyond the education community. Since its launch in Europe in 2003, eduroam has gained popularity throughout the research and education community and is now...


Mar 7, 2016

Extending eduroam in the Asia Pacific

AARNet is a lead collaborator for a project to extend the footprint of eduroam (education roaming) across the Asia Pacific. Eduroam is a secure global roaming wireless network access service built for the research and education community. The project is funded by the Trans-Eurasian Information Network (TEIN) and will help...

AAC Digest / Services

Sep 23, 2014

Growing eduroam beyond the campus

Eduroam is a global initiative of TERENA...


Mar 31, 2014

UK tops list of home countries for international visitors to Australian higher ed institutions

AARNet's Technical Services Manager Neil Witheridge reports on eduroam stats: eduroam AU National RADIUS...

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