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New world of GLAM research, tech and connectedness


Oct 28, 2016

New world of GLAM research, tech and connectedness

Technology has opened the door to new forms of research and the interpretation of research material increasingly involves new tools and skills, such as software, modelling, and informatics. This intersection of computing and the disciplines of the humanities has...

New technologies bring cultural heritage to life

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Dec 16, 2015

New technologies bring cultural heritage...

“There’s an increasing interest in high-resolution imaging...

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Watch and be inspired by these amazing projects and ideas.

AARNet Interview:

Archaeology: looking back at the early days of AARNet

AARNet Interview:

What are the R&E sector’s greatest networking challenges?

AARNet Interview:

WSU teams up with AARNet and Zoom to build online collaborative culture

AARNet Interview:

Breaking barriers for global high-speed data synchronisation

AARNet Interview:

What’s next for the eResearch IT infrastructure ecosystem?

AARNet Interview:

CloudStor helps the long tail of researchers at CQU

AARNet Interview:

The Internet: then, now and in the future

AARNet Interview:

Moving data for the Large Hadron Collider

AARNet Interview:

Helping researchers save endangered koalas

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