The AARNet 2019 Annual Report is now online

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Annual Report 2019 Cover

Inside the AARNet 2019 Annual Report you’ll find an overview of who we are and what we do, along with information about our operational and engagement achievements and activities during 2019.

AARNet’s operational activities are aligned to our strategic plan and priorities. Our activities during 2019 included the provision of internet and advanced telecommunications and network services, as well as security, data storage and collaboration services.

Read about our exciting international subsea cable projects, Indigo,  CAE-1 and JGA South, extending the network’s footprint in Australia, and our products and services such as CloudStor, Zoom, Cyber Security and Consulting services. You can also read about our team and culture, and the wide range of conferences and community events that we participate in and support.

We throw the spotlight on some of the discoveries and success stories in the research and education community enabled by our powerful network and collaboration services. Stories about co-developing a cyber security solution for schools, visualising the story of Australia’s largest ever naval loss, using satellite imagery to assess drought and track bushfires, moving research data faster around the world, supporting researchers in the fight against diseases and antibiotic resistance, and collaborating to help researchers solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Throughout the year we collaborated with our shareholders and customers to ensure we continue to provide services and solutions that meet the unique needs of Australia’s research and education community. This is at the heart of everything we do.

View the AARNet 2019 Annual Report: Solutions for Change

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